Nanjing/2019/400000 m²

Tangshan Quarry Park,a former abandoned stone mining site, demonstrates how strong landscape design could transform a human activity destination to the different purpose, and catalyze local community revitalization.The 40 hectares site is one-hour driving from Nanjing, at the south of Tangshan National Tourism Resort.Identified with threestunning scale of excavated craters, it could be visualized frommiles away. The original intention of the project was to coverup the excavation with Geo-slope protection and make the craters invisible.

Responding to the existing topography and hydrology, the site was regraded and transformed into a vibrant experimenting destination, including four different reused quarry sites, meadow field, playground and Sandie (Three Drops) Lake. Due to their distinctive geological features, each pit was introducedwith different functions: the far eastern side quarry is deep and concealed,which is positioned as a quiet and relaxing spa area belong to a hotel; the west side quarry is open and abroadthatperfectly functions for music festival and camping; the two middle craters are mostly visual significant, and become thenew perspectives exposed to the public. Moreover, hiking system has been taking into consideration based on safety, cost, maintenance, different type of experience and the sensitivity of ecology. The safety issue isone of the most important concern all the time.To eliminate future collapse anchoring devices of erosion controlis specialized by engineers and slope protection specialists. 


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