Z+T Studio was founded by Dong Zhang and Ziying Tang in Shanghai in 2009.  Since then the uniquely diverse work the firm completed has ranged from city furniture, ASLA award-winning research center to master planning. Z+T Studio’s portfolio has gained solid and critical reputation for the firm for its ingenious, yet original landscape design answers to the projects and sites.  

Considering landscape architecture’s social and psychological impact to people’s sense of well-being, Z+T Studio is interested in making a place where the fundamental natural landscape elements and principles could integrate and optimize the increasingly urbanized environment for the inhabitants. By inviting and encouraging people’s participation and exchange among themselves and nature, the placeis cultivated and enriched by the site’s cultural associations. Z+TStudio approaches to the project by seeking the understanding of the particulars of each site, program of each project and the context. As design always encompasses these understandings with the designers’ evolving sensitivities to nature, life and society, the landscape connects people to the physical and social environment.

Zhang and Tang’s extensive academic and practicing experience both in the US and China laid the unique foundation for the firm to embrace the perspectives and sensitivities of West and East. Guided by the two founding principals, the firm emphasizes focused, intimate and multi-disciplinary collaboration. Countering the over growing and quantity dominating trend in China’s design field, Z+T Studio has resisted the commercialization of the practice and kept moderate size of atelier. The commitment is enabled by its atelier design intelligence, culture and the team members including landscape architects, architects, urban planners, artists, horticultural specialists and ecologists. 

Every design starts with research and daring ideas. In order to better develop the ideas, Z+T Studio has founded and integrated an Art Workshop and a Biophilic Lab. The workshop has significantly expanded the design capacity utilizing innovative materials and tectonics. The workshop’s capacity in making full-scale mockups, testing and production has guaranteed the quality and consistency of the final deliverables. The Biophilic Lab offers research and analysis in soil, water, vegetation and ecology of the project site and the proposed design.  It is essential to ensure the projects beyond superficial style or merely form oriented.  The workshop and lab are both pivot supports to the implementation of the design and maintenance of the project after the completion.




张唐景观认为,任何好的设计都离不开大胆的构想和深入的研究。因此,张唐景观创立了艺术工作室(Art Workshop)以及自然工作室(Biophilic Lab)。艺术工作室透过对创新材料及构造方法的研究,使张唐景观的设计能力得到显著提升,同时透过全尺寸模型的制作、测试和生产,确保交付产品质量;自然工作室则致力于推进张唐景观“参与性生态”的景观实践工作,在场地设计中积极应对当下来自水环境、能源、栖息地及物种多样性等议题日益严峻的挑战,以提升项目的科学性和可持续性。根据其不同特质,艺术工作室和自然工作室将在不同程度上支撑景观项目全生命周期下品质的创新性及持续性。

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