The team of the Art Workshop includes artists, designers, fabricators, engineer and contractors. The workshop is equipped with computer molding and 3D-printing technology, acousto-optic technology and machinery that is capable to deal with wide range of materials as well as a large factory-like workspace. As an integral part of Z+T Studio, the workshop works with the design atelier from initiating to developing the design ideas and elements through study models, typologies to producing the sophisticated final products in the workspace and on-site.The workshop also offers the knowledgeand evaluation of manufacturing feasibility, cost, maintenance and materiality that are critical for the design decisions  

自2014年成立以来,艺术工作室不仅在拓展张唐景观设计范畴,以寻求作品高品质呈现方面获得显著成就;同时也为张唐景观在跨学科合作的尝试提供进一步的思路  。艺术工作室团队是由艺术家、设计师、制造商、工程师和承包商共同组成。工作室集成了电脑模拟与3D打印技术、现代机械和声光电技术,拥有能够加工制作广泛材料的能力。作为张唐景观的重要组成部分,工作室在最初的概念、草模推敲到生成复杂成品这一过程中,始终同设计事务所紧密配合,同时也提供建造的可行性、绩效分析、维护和材料等方面的信息,为设计方法提供重要决策。

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