Cloud Paradise 

Chengdu/ 2017/ 25000 m²  Photo:zhanghai  

Cloud Paradise in Luxe lakes Eco-city is a linear green riverfront between the city roads and the lake, covering about 25,000 m2, with near 450 m length (east-west), near 50 m width (north-south), and 500.5 m the highest elevation of the site. The width of the adjacent lake is about 55m and its water level elevation is 462.5 m. In order to preserve the firefighting accesses and the original docks, all the modifications are carried out on the basis of the existing revetments.

After understanding the history of man-water relationship and community status quo, the design team positioned the site as an children’s playground with the purpose of edutainment, an open-air water experience pavilion, which is inspired by various forms and features of water to design landscape spaces and nodes, so that people better understand the importance of water to life and reshape the relationship between human and water.

Based on the project positioning and actual condition of the site, the design team streamlines the activity nodes, and organically combined different activities with environmental education to form a series of unique and recognizable landscapes.


成都/ 2017/ 25000 m²  摄影:张海

麓湖生态城作为大城市郊区的新建社区,社区主体为在一个相对很短时间搬进来的居民,公园作为社区使用频率较高的主要公共空间,起着促进居民交流形成良好的邻里关系以及新的社区文化重要作用;同时,公园是社区居民日常生活里接触到自然的地方,是一个重要的环境教育场所。 水是地球上生态系统中最为重要的元素之一,也是是生命存在的根本因素。2000 多年前的著名水利工程都江堰的建设使得成都成为水旱从人、沃野千里的天府之国。在历史上,成都人依水而居,和自然融洽共处。但是随着现代城市建设,河道飞速消失,人们的日常生活和水越来越隔阂。近年来各个城市里频发的城市内涝更是使得水成为一个城市中的负面因素。 我们通过对麓湖引水造湖的历史解读以及社区现状分析,将场地定位为寓教于乐的儿童乐园,一个露天的“水体验馆”:以水的各种形态和特征为灵感来设计景观空间和节点,希望通过设计让人能更好地了解水对我们生活的重要性,重塑人与水的关系。

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