Suzhou/ 2016/ 15000 m²

The 1.5 hactare project is a distribution garden of a future 15 hactare high desentity residential community located at Suzhou Wujiang high tech district. We have separated the site into 3 parts: East & West Plaza(permanent) and the hill park(temporary, will be transformed to commercial building in the future). We designed two different sets of interactive wave water feature in the east & west plaza. The one in the east plaza is quiet and elegant. People could appreciate and touch the wave. The other one in the west plaza is warm and joyful. People could get into the pool and play with the wave. The hill park has grass slope that mimic the nature hills and white gravel as two major low-cost materials. Several interactive sculptures designed and built by Z+T Art Studio is placed in the park to create a wonderland for children to play. These sculptures could be disassembled and reused in the future community. By those methods, the project achieved the idea of integrating the attribute of urban public space into the site which could attract more people to come and play.


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