Sanhe/ 2017/ 36000 m²

Jiadu Central Park is located in a newly built community 30 kilometers away from downtown Beijing. The park is a linear space with an average length of 65 meters and a width of 55 meters. It is surrounded by four high-rise residential groups. As an active exploration of an ideal urban community park, Jiadu Central Park starts from four aspects: building community culture, meeting daily needs, carrying out ecological environment education and providing healthy environment for the next generation. All kinds of in-depth thinking are fully reflected in every design detail of the park, aiming to create a community park with complete functions, distinctive features and certain era significance.

嘉都是一个距离北京市区30 公里的新建综合社区。嘉都公园位于四个新建高层居住组团之间,为一个长600 米平均宽度55 米的带状公园。场地平整,无任何保留植被。嘉都中央公园作为张唐景观对理想城市社区公园的一次积极探索,从建设社区文化、满足日常需求、进行生态环境教育以及为下一代提供健康成长的环境四个方面入手,将对理想社区的各种深入思考充分的反映在嘉都中央公园的每一处设计细节上,旨在营造一个功能完善、特点鲜明并具有一定时代意义的社区公园。

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