Dory Park/2019/16700 m²

The project is located near BaiYun Mountain in Guangzhou.The architect Sou Fujimoto hopes to "borrow" the intention of Baiyun Mountain to the community to create a new living environment and transform the industrial landscape into a "future forest" that integrates human and nature. When we arrived at the site firstly, what we saw was a wilderness of weeds. The standard which is "three connections and one ground" for land makes all the history of the original site was erased. The site used to be a fish farm a few years ago: the fish roe are incubated and cultivated here, and then they are sold to various fish ponds nearby, finally completing their very short life.

To match up with the "forest" concept of the architecture, we position the landscape as "water"; the forest is a paradise for birds, and water is a home for fish. Stormwater Management and water ecosystem in the site are one of the basic functions of each of our designs; large-scale creation of biodiversity is relatively easy in Guangzhou area, abundant underwood can selectively form its own microclimate quickly; Combination of environmental education and the needs of various people’s daily use are not only the correspondence of the ecosystem in human behavior, but also a potential rule of creating atmosphere.

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