Chengdu/ 2019/ 10400 m²    Photo:zhanghai

Luxe Zone is a community and commerce complex which is located on the west of the entire Luhu block. The project has a complex topography and it is situated on a huge and soft rock foundation with red-sandstone. The architectural design wraps the red-sandstone area in a "C"-shaped space in a semi-enclosed form.The altitude difference of 7 meters and the depth of 50 meters are just enough to handle the setting of steps and barrier-free ramps. Almost half of the important commercial spaces on ground floor and the public areas along the streets are not at the same height.  This is a disadvantage as a commercial outdoor space.

The landscape architecture designer hopes to create as much open space as possible on the premise of ensuring vertical passage and at the same time create the spatial hierarchy of the landscape. The original sloping space was converted into a terrace space, thus creating three clear public spaces: the seating space outside the shop, the open lawn space in the central area (later changed to a dry fountain square at the request of client), and handling space with the boundary of height difference as well as interactive water wall.A "Game Easter Egg" which is about 18m high is placed between the lawn area (dry fountain square) and the commercial external seating area. Placing children's game in Game Easter Egg not only becomes the focus of vision but also is the absolute core of the commercial space.




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