Qujiang Creative circle

Xi’an/ 2019/ 70000 m²  Photo:zhanghai                      

Located in Qujiang New Area, Xi’an Creative Circle is an urban complex including commerce, retail, catering, office, hotel, film and TV entertainment. The architectural plan also envisioned designing a "high-line park" on the fifth floor to connect internal functions of different buildings.

Taking into account of different time periods and conditions, we decided to work hard on the "nodes", transforming them into cultural memories. In Xi’an Forest of Stone Steles Museum, there is a 300-year-old stele that depicts the "Eight Sceneries of Chang'an": "Smoke from Thatched Cottage, palm-like Hua and Yue Mountain, Wind and Snow of Willow, Sunset of Li Mountain, Flow near Qu River, Snow on Tai and Bai Mountain, Ferryboat of Xianyang, Da Yan Ta Morning Bell". We found that each scene is a perfect combination of nature and humanity. So, is it possible to recreate these natural elements by using modern technologies or materials. 

At present, five nodes of the first phase have been partially completed. The " Da Yan Ta Morning Bell" is made of mirror stainless steel plates as the exterior surface and built-in sensor. Wind Willow Pavilion makes such a peaceful place in this bustle city. When suddenly look up, you will find that the wind is actually visible. A white large viewing cube with snowflake holes, leaning on the high-line park, looks like a light snow box. 43 pieces interactive mirror triangle tube, arranged in double row, is called "late light" in order to reflect multi-layered landscape. 


西安/ 2019/ 70000 m²  摄影:张海




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