Chengdu/ 2019/ 6000 m²      Photo:zhanghai

Shanlin Valley Park is a waterfront belt-shape space with a width of about 40 meters, and two long and narrow plots perpendicular to the waterfront space. Its form is a typical residential area material planning product. The designer was inspired by the colorful natural scenery of western Sichuan and tried to break through the singleness of the existing spatial form, in advantage of the unique height difference of the site. And the finally different types of landscapes are created: mountains, forests, terraces, valleys, wetlands, shallow ponds, stacked springs, trestle bridge, tree house, dense woods and rocks, etc. Feel the quietness of the forest in the mountains and forests, with yin and yang, both light and dark; walk through the forest, listen to the birds, smell the fragrance of flowers, relax body and mind; experience the flow of water and the change of rhythm in the valley, from the natural stone water outlet to the gurgling stream entered the artificial wetland and finally merged into the lake area; feel the charm of the water beside the riverside, you can watch the water, you can play in the water, and it is still and moving.


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