Growth Park

Wuhan/ 2019/ 14200m²    Photo:zhanghai                        

Growth Park is located in Qiaokou, Wuhan, near the Han River. Its total area is about 7.02 hectares, which includes a mix of commercial buildings, office buildings, residence, community center, bus terminals and a 1.42-hectare small street park. Within these several blocks, the overall design focuses on giving a unified idea of "influx". Various "rivers" converge and flow in order to represent the geographical and cultural characteristics of Wuhan. According to these characteristics, the concept of "alluvial fan" was proposed for the Growth Park. "Inflow" between the two commercial buildings forms an overall spatial image. Different functions with specific atmospheres were carefully arranged regarding to site conditions, including children's slope, wave grassland, washed stone “beach” pond, fitness area, rain garden and peripheral green belt.


武汉/ 2019/ 14200m²    摄影:张海



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