The commercial center is divided into an outdoor dining space and Zelkova Tree plaza by a 33m long reflection pool. The pool is also lined up with the plaza’s bell tower in such a way that the tower is reflected into the plaza, thereby integrating horizontal and vertical forms. An interactive fountain is located at one end of the plaza. Water jets positioned at different heights resemble vibrating piano strings that energize the atmosphere of the site.


商业景观位于居住区中心位置,服务于四周的商铺。长达 33米的镜面倒影溢水池,成为钟塔在广场上的延伸。竖直挺拔的榉树定义了广场的休息空间。广场尽端的旱喷小广场为节日庆典增加了活跃气氛。

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