Yangliujun West Park

Hangzhou/ 2018/ 73100 m²    Photo:zhanghai

Yangliu County West Park is a park completely which covered up a subway station. The existing site roof has a multi-directional slope caused by organized drainage. There are more than a dozen 1.8-meter-high ventilation shafts. The site has three-level broken-line special-shaped terraces, and each level has a height difference of about 1.5 meters. The future residents of the Yangliu County community are planned to be around 4,600 households. West Park, as the only comprehensive green space within 30 minutes of walking area, can provide residents with outdoor activities such as exercise, walking, vegetable growing, baby strolling, and picnics and so on. The green space above the subway is essentially a small ecosystem, which is artificially self-circulating.

The creation of the scene is about "mental health". The farms, canals, wetlands, and peach groves were the scenes we expected in the original design: the highest platform would be combined with 15 ventilation shafts to form a viewing platform, and each high ventilation shaft could become a gathering place for migratory birds; and the entrance of the transferred roadway would be climbed up to the observatory through a zigzag ramp, with a peach/cherry blossom forest grew on the slope; using the maximum height difference between the first platform and the second level, it would be designed as a place for children's activities; the surrounding greenery would be processed into outdoor lawns and wetlands, which could serve the school’s outdoor classroom at the same time; sports courts including basketball, tennis, and badminton would be located between the farm and the school. The farm is at the narrowest and farthest end of the site, and its boundary is part of the wetland system.

If we have the opportunity to visit again, we hope to check the usage of more residents, so as to understand more demand for urban parks


杭州 / 2018/ 73100m²   摄影:张海




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