Ningbo/ 2017/ 5000 m²

Jiu Zhu Li is a long and narrow residential area. The 5,000m2 sales center garden is a triangle space in between the street and residential towers. The sales center will be a future community academy. The site has been designed into the following spaces after carefully discussion with the architects: Entrance plaza, South corridor, Water garden, Reflective pond and Light and Shadow corridor.

The name Jiuzhuli is derived from the famous historical heritage - Tianyi Pavilion of Ningbo. The landscape design is intended to inherit the Chinese classic esthetics. We tried to avoid a superficial explanation but to capture the spirit and intention during design process. We hope to inspire the sensation, recognition and appreciation to the nature elements to reconnect people with nature in an urban place in order for them to be more modest towards the earth. In our opinion, the nature elements in a garden is neither miniature landscapes in classical gardens, nor the countryside pastoral landscape in modern life. It is the essential elements in nature: time, light, water, wood, soil and stones.

Thus, there is one thing that is same in classical garden and modern landscape: the connection between people and nature.




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